Applying for a senior role? 5 In-depth interview questions you better be prepared for.

Going to an interview to score your dream job while being unprepared will make you think twice when being rejected by the recruiter. Despite the fact you were convinced being the perfect candidate for the job.  Here are some questions that will give you an idea of what to prepare for.


What made you decide to apply for this senior role?

If you don’t know how to answer this question, for sure your interview will take a false start and the recruiter will loose interest instantly.

As as senior professional, can you explain where you can bring added value to this job and to the team you will be working with?

This question requires you to do do some homework. You need to have a clear idea of your personal skillset, strenghts and weaknesses and how these can add value to your future job. If possible contact some employees already working with the company via social media or make a call and make some enquiries about the company culture, the internal team organization, etc. This will help you to answer this question in a realistic way. It would be a bad idea to tell the recruiter you would be e.g. the best team leader ever without knowing the qualifications of the actual team leader.

What part of the this job do you consider of lesser interest to you?

Senior candidates would be tempted to say they choose their own projects, but this would be a very bad answer as it proofs very little flexibility and is often not a match with reality where you would be considered to be open to many not so obvious or preferred challenges.

What do you think was missing in the job description in order to convince the ideal candidate to sign for this role?

This question is easy to answer, if you have read the job description and know it by heart.
Sometimes there is nothing to add, but to remove as recruiters tend to put to many requirements in the job description.

What do you hope to learn from this job?

If you already know everything, apply for another job as you will get bored and it will sound a bit arrogant towards the recruiter, unless you are a specialist hired to do just this one thing.

If you think these questions wouldn’t be the first questions popping in your when mind when going to an interview for a senior position? Perhaps you might consider to let Cabo Norte represent you for your candidacy. We will make sure you will be prepared when going to the interview and guide you throughout the entire recruitment process.

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