Privacy policy (GDPR)

Privacy Policy (GDPR), Cabo Norte Professionals

At Cabo Norte Professionals we attach great importance to the protection of the privacy of all persons from whom we collect data.
We treat and secure this data with the utmost care, in accordance with the applicable legislation in Belgium.
We make every effort to protect the personal data provided to us against loss, destruction, disclosure, unauthorised access or improper use.
In this privacy statement, we explain who we are, when and why we need your personal information, what information we collect, how and for how long we process them, who we can pass them on to, what your rights are and how you can exercise those rights.
This privacy statement is meant for you when:
You register with Cabo Norte Professionals or register to be guided and mediated by us in your search for work, on the basis of a permanent contract or as a freelancer (independent status);

Introduction, who are we?

Cabo Norte Professionals is the commercial name of Navigant BV based at Oeverstraat 22b, 9140 Temse, Belgium.
Cabo Norte offers following services to its clients:
Executive Search, Recruitment & Selection (permanent contract or freelance based contranct).

When do we collect your personal details?

We collect your data as soon as you enter your data or leave it on our website or on one of our IT applications / tools, when you register with our office in Temse or register in another way (e.g. via a job fair) or register (e.g. via a third party who refers you for a particular job offer). We may also collect your data when you have made it publicly available on public / social media (e.g. LinkedIn) which may indicate that you would be interested in future work-related services. In that case, we will first ask you if you are interested in registering with us in accordance with our conditions and with due observance of this privacy statement. Should you not be interested, then we can process a number of limited data from you in order not to be approached by us again in the future.

Why do we need your personal data?

We collect your personal data for the purposes listed below and will not use this information for other purposes without informing you in advance and, if necessary, requesting your permission.
We use your data for the implementation of the HR service for which you have registered with us, in particular job placement.
More specifically, we use your personal data to, where appropriate,

  • To be included in our database of applicants who we search to select suitable candidates for the positions for which we recruit;
  • If in the future we would work in our selection activities with selections based solely on automated processing, including profiling, without any intervention from a consultant, we will inform you on request about the existence, the underlying logic, the interest and the expected consequences this may have for you;
  • Being able to determine your profile and assessing your suitability as a candidate for the positions for which we recruit. Here we can use the results of tests that we take of you (online personality tests, language tests, assessments, etc.) and of (online) reference checks that we only do with your explicit consent to the persons / businesses you specify. We can also ask you to give more information about yourself on a voluntary basis in order to increase your chances of work;
  • Proactively submit your profile, including your resume, to clients and clients of Cabo Norte;
  • To be able to forward you interesting vacancies and job offers via telephone, e-mail, SMS or other media;
  • To be able to provide information about the service and other activities of Cabo Norte (e.g. job fairs or other events that you may be interested in) and to better align them with your wishes and competencies;
  • Promote your personal development and employability by offering, among other things, (short) training, coaching, workshops, etc., at Cabo Norte or one of the partner companies / third party;
  • To enter into and maintain a mediation relationship with you and to carry out the relevant administration for this purpose;
  • To approach you for commercial offers, newsletters and promotions / marketing campaigns of Cabo Norte (e.g. invitations to participate in competitions, information about events organised by Cabo Norte, etc.) that may be of interest to you, if you have given your permission;
  • To comply with legal obligations, such as correct personal identification, application of labor, tax and social security legislation, combating fraud, illegal employment and terrorism, application of national and international sanctions legislation, etc.;
  • To meet certain quality goals, such as obtaining and retaining certain certificates or quality labels;
  • Monitor and measure the quality of our services. To this end, we or a third party appointed by us may ask you to participate in surveys and use and process the information obtained in order to improve the quality of our services;
  • To meet management objectives, including the provision of management information, the performance of internal controls to prevent fraud and the performance of (internal / external) audits;
  • To be able to provide statistical information for studies of interest for Cabo Norte;
  • Ensure operating safety. To this end we can, among other things, check your identity when accessing our offices. We may also monitor the activities in our systems to prevent misuse of information from our databases and to protect our interests and those of all persons included in our databases;
  • Allow you to exercise your rights and to prove afterwards that we have acted on these rights;

We use and process your personal data according to the type of processing, based on:

  • Your permission: with online registration or registration in our office in Temse, you submit online via your profile via our website or via the appropriate form your permission to process your personal data in the context of mediation and selection activities, for taking references at the persons / companies you have specified or for receiving commercial offers;
  • The legitimate interest of Cabo Norte or of a third party: if necessary, we use your information to meet legitimate interests of Cabo Norte or third parties. This can be done, for example, for access controls or internal controls and audits to ensure the safety and continuity of our systems and our company. This legitimate interest is also present when we have to keep your details in the context of establishing, exercising or substantiating a possible legal claim.​

What personal data do we process of you?

We process the personal data necessary for our service. Some of this information (e.g. identity, education, work experience, etc.) is required to make use of our services. Additional information (e.g. references, own preferences for certain functions, motivation letter, full CV, etc.) are not mandatory but may be desirable to better tailor our services to your wishes and qualities or to meet more specific questions or obligations from clients or clients of Cabo Norte. If you choose to provide us with your data, we may use this information and share it with clients and clients in the context of your future employment.
You are personally responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the information you provide to us. You do well to inform us of any changes to your personal details as quickly as possible.
This includes the following personal data:

  • name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and other contact details;
  • place and date of birth, sex, marital status;
  • nationality and, if necessary, proof of identity, work permit and residence permit (check required on the basis of the legislation on the employment of foreign employees);
  • curriculum vitae (cv), letter of motivation, information about education / diplomas and work experience;
  • publicly made data (including social media), information that you give to our consultant or our client or client during (job interview) interviews with them;

    photos and video introduction (only on a voluntary basis);

    data, including results, about training and education and / or tests / assessments that you have followed or done yourself or through Cabo Norte;

  • other information that may be relevant in the assessment of your suitability as a candidate, such as certificates and references (only with your permission);
    information about your availability and holiday periods;
  • evaluations of your knowledge, skills, attitude, etc.;
    other information required for correct administrative processing in the context of Ex. personnel management.

Special categories of data

In principle, we will not process special categories of data (medical data, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, membership of a trade union) unless they are transferred to us with your explicit consent.
It may be required for the execution of the agreement that we ask you to provide – and give us notice of the existence of –  a certificate of good conduct or other personal data concerning criminal convictions or criminal offences. However, we will not process this data further and ask you not to provide us with a copy of it. In the event that such information would be requested by other parties, we ask you – whenever possible – to transfer this information directly to the requesting party.

With whom do we share your personal data?

Cabo Norte Professionals can only transfer your personal details to you if necessary for the execution of your mediation or employment:
The clients of Cabo Norte Professionals, including their appointees or mandators for, among other things:

  • recruitment and selection of suitable candidates for filling an open vacancy as a permanent or freelance (independent) employee;
  • proactive introduction of your profile and resume;
  • integration of your data into the personnel management systems of clients in the context of permanent employment or employment as a self-employed person;
  • audits at clients or customers;

To suppliers of Cabo Norte Professionals, for:

  •  providing services or performing tasks and assignments on behalf of and for the account of Cabo Norte Professionals (eg. cloud providers, IT providers, social secretariat, research agencies, etc.)

To our company auditors, audit and certification offices, for:

  • audit of our annual accounts;
  • obtaining and retaining certain certificates;

To various government agencies, such as:

  • Federal and regional inspection and accreditation bodies;
  • Social security authorities;
  • Fiscal authorities;

To all other third parties where we are obliged to do so by law, court order or judgment.
Your personal data are not sold by Cabo Norte Professionals, nor rented out or made commercially available to third parties.
Your personal data can be transferred with the purpose an international employment outside Belgium and the European Union. Cabo Norte Professionals hereby takes the necessary contractual and technical security measures to ensure that all personal data transmitted are adequately protected against loss or unlawful processing.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We guarantee that we will not retain your data for longer than required by law or internal regulations applicable within Cabo Norte Professionals.
The standard retention periods depend on the purpose for which we process your data.

  • All personal data that we need to support you in your search for work (e.g. cvs, training, test results, job expectations, etc.) remain active in our database as long as your mediation file is updated;
  • After 12 months of inactivity in your file, you will receive an automatic email with the question whether you want to be actively mediated by Cabo Norte Professionals any longer. In the case of a negative answer, we only keep your data passive for a period of 4 years because of certain statutory limitation periods;
  • In the absence of an answer or a positive reply without further updating your mediation dossier, we will notify you again 12 months later by email that we will only keep your details passively for a period of 3 years because of certain statutory limitation periods, unless you at that time you decide to update your file yourself again.

Which security measures do we apply?

Cabo Norte Professionals makes every effort to optimally protect your personal data against unauthorised use. We do this on the basis of administrative and technological measures.

E.g.  Only employees of Cabo Norte Professionals or its representatives who actively mediate candidates have access to the database via a unique log-in system, impossible for outsiders to gain access. These people must also know and apply our internal privacy and data protection policy. To the extent that data are provided to third parties, Cabo Norte agrees with these third parties that they also provide optimum protection of personal data.

What about your rights?

As a party involved, you have a number of rights that you can exercise at any time, namely:

  • Right of access and copy;
  • Right of adaptation or rectification
  • Right of data exchange (to be forgotten);
  • Right to limit processing;
  • Right of objection;
  • Right to transferability;

However, this exercise of the above rights is subject to certain exceptions to protect the public interest, our interests and interests of other individuals. When you submit a request to exercise your rights, we will first and foremost verify your identity by requesting a copy of your identity card. We do this to prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands. The exercise of your rights is in principle free of charge. If your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, we can charge you a reasonable fee in the light of the administrative costs we incurred. In the same case, however, we can also choose not to comply with your request. You will always be informed of the reasons for this. In any case, we will always inform you within four weeks (for simple requests) or three months (for complex or multiple requests) of the follow-up given to your request.

Questions? Contact?

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the protection of your personal data by Cabo Norte or about this privacy statement, you can contact us via or by letter to Cabo Norte Professionals, Oeverstraat 22b, 9140 Temse, to the Privacy Department.
You also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (GBA) at the following address: Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.
Do you know or suspect a data breach? Then contact us immediately via


Cabo Norte Professionals can make improvements, additions or changes to this privacy statement. The latest version can always be read on this website.
This version dates from the 9th of March 2021.