How to answer the question ‘Tell me about yourself’ during your interview?

Many candidates think this is an obvious question to answer. As a result they don’t prepare for it. But what does the Hiring Manager actually want to hear? Read on and discover more.

Employers will use your response to figure out more about the ‘real you’ and how you mature you are. So, don’t tell just anything. Make sure every word you say counts.

Tailor your answer with the job requirements in mind

The question ‘Tell me about yourself’ isn’t a question about your life, but about the parts of your professional experience that brought you up to the point of applying for this job. How did it all start? What’s your genuine interest in the subject and how does it add value to this job? You only have about 5 to 10 minutes to make a dazzling first impression to the Hiring Manager that will last. There is no room for improvisation. Despite candidates know they can expect this question, many of them fail to give a satisfying answer. Be prepared if you want to ace the job of your dreams!

Be real, make it authentic

Don’t give socially desirable anwsers. Hiring Managers see right through them and will not show the ‘real you’. Dare to speak up and be real. There is no better way to stand out an be original by sharing your own thoughts and how they have shaped you to the person you have become.

You are not an interview hero?

Like many candidates, you might find interviews a hurdle to take. Be aware, going well prepared to an interview can open unexpected doors, giving access to unanticipated opportunties and change your life for good.
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