Recruiting HVAC & Water – Belgium: Technicians and Managers

Cabo Norte? We are expert talent hunters, recruiting for companies in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg often having a strong international footprint outside the EU. A majority of our clients are active in various domains of the engineering and construction industry.

For several on-going projects in Brussels and Flanders we are actively recruiting HVAC, electrical and mechanical experts to do installation, facility management and maintenance of very large building projects, hospitals, musea, waste and water treatment projects, etc.

Type: HVAC jobs, Electroctechnical jobs
Level: Junior and experienced professionals
Location: Brussels and Flanders
Employers: HVAC installation and Facility Management companies
Languages: Dutch or French, optional English

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We are always on the lookout for experienced candidates:

  • Sector Managers HVAC and/or Electrotechniques (NL/FR)
  • Site Manager HVAC and/or Electrotechniques (NL/FR)
  • Site Engineers HVAC /Project Engineers (NL/FR)
  • Experienced Technicians Heating, Cooling or Motorisation (NL/FR)


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